About US

The home of the most luxurious brands from all over the world, selected to meet your taste, style and comfort.

Operated by our passionate and professional designers, offering you a wide range of furniture, home accessories, lighting, carpets, wallpapers, curtains and interior design services. Ever since its establishment in 1982, the company has been catering to the most refined tastes in high-end furniture.

We strive to make every project a piece of art and satisfy our clients to have their own signature in the design.

Our main suppliers:

Century Furniture:Furniture that is built to last a “century” with infinite possibilities to customise your furniture

MacKenzie Childs:Fine handmade whimsical furniture and accessories that adds a statement into any room

Lillian August:A world renowned and highly talented designer who has a dedicated line of furniture hand made by Hickory White Furnitur